Logo Journey

What goes into a logo? A Lot!

When we decided upon the name of our company, we knew that creating the logo would probably be one of the toughest parts; and it was!

Shown here are just some of the early sketches that we’re drawn to get the inspiration juices going. Some of the problems we we’re facing was keeping it simple and keeping it flowing and some what sleek. There were many roughs and there was actually a logo design that almost was. We designed it, illustrated it and drew up all the different uses. We walked away feeling like…we were done.

We weren’t at all.

After a day of letting it set, we put fresh eyes on it – we knew that it had to be redone.
We were disappointed, thinking that we were ready for the next step to get Red8 off the ground and running. But it had to be right, it had to be perfect.

We are very glad we redid it!