3D Design – Auto-9

I love movies! Being a child of the 80’s has allowed me to soak in some of the great films that now, everyone seems to be remaking. I have always loved movie props, industrial design and sci-fi so what great 80’s movie would throw them all together into an action packed, gun-toting free-for-all than the classic RoboCop.

I bought this prop gun back in the late 90’s for more money than it was worth, I guess just had to have it! To this day, it sets in a display case that I built while going to school at SCAD for Industrial Design. One of those classes was 3D Design. I LOVED this class and for my final project, I decided to recreate the famous Auto-9 which was based off an actual hand gun – the Beretta 93R.

The modification for this weapon was interesting (you can read up on it with a quick Google search) so scratching that design itch – I just had to draw it in 3d! I have over 22 hours into this easy, all by photo ref alone – but it was so simple to get lost in it. Great class!

Red8 Creative (at this time) does NOT offer 3D design service but since we like to talk about all things design, here it is. What are your thoughts of the original prop design? Love it hate it – Let me know! Enjoy the renders…

– Frank