Your Image is Your Business

Let’s face it, we all need customers. We wouldn’t be in business without them. Whether your business is in retail, the food industry or services, the first impression you give your potential customers is incredibly important.

Here’s a hypothetical situation. You arrive at an appointment with a new dentist and in the lobby is a single couch and a rocking chair. You think it looks a little shabby, but the practice specializes in dentistry, not interior design. Checking in with the front desk, which is a cheap metal thing, you sign in on a Post-it note and sit down waiting to be called back.

Once your name is announced, you’re led back through a door that leads to a single room equipped with a Lazy Boy recliner, a floor lamp and some questionable metal tools on a side table. You suddenly realize you have two options, run away as fast as you can or sit in the recliner. Perhaps the dentist is practicing a new form of zen dentistry. You decide to sit down, albeit nervously.

The cleaning and dental work you receive are surprisingly top notch. The dentist obviously has a talent, but you’re pretty sure without a facelift to the practice’s office, the dentist won’t attract many more patients and will probably close down as a result.

For most of us, an office isn’t the first impression potential customers will see. Usually a business card, some promotional material or a website will be the catalyst deciding if a customer will be interested in what you’re offering.

That’s where eye-catching and professional design comes in. Not only will potential customers see a business that can be trusted to deliver professional services and/or goods, but also one that cares about their image.

First and foremost, the most important element of your business’s image is your logo. A logo is as important as a name. It immediately identifies your business and communicates what you offer. Logos come in all shapes and sizes, but great logos stick with customers and are instantly recognizable.

Once your logo is designed and perfected, you’ll be able to use it on all of your promotional materials like business cards, advertisements, websites, letterheads… the sky’s the limit! All of these items are uniquely designed to convey your business’s message and what your business offers. When they all come together, you have a great number of ways to impress and entice potential and existing customers to do business with you.

At Red8 Creative, we offer all these services and more. We can help your business attract more eyes than before by presenting the professional image your business deserves!