Design Demo 2: Logo Studies

Last Design Demo we took a look at designing a simple WordPress site. Lately I’ve been delving into a wider array of logo types. Here are the results of two such fictional logos.

By the way, these logos aren’t associated with any existing business or organization. Any similarities are purely coincidental.

Bargain Website Logo


This logo I really wanted to avoid the typical square or circle icon. I really wanted to use a shape that wasn’t seen a lot in the world. The logo is softly shaded and highlighted to show some depth. The font chosen represents a more modern business type.


A second take on the same idea, this logo uses price tags with the same layering technique. The geometry inside the front price tag makes a ‘P’.

Technology Company Logo


I wanted to do a logo with bees as the main focus. However, I had never used hexagons in a logo design before. I wanted to show unity among the company’s employees, like a hive.


Another rendition of the logo, this was inspired by taking the colors of the logo back to the original idea.

Speaking of bees, I’ll just leave this here.