8 Things to Consider Before Hiring a Graphic Designer

Hiring a graphic designer for your business or organization is a very significant decision and investment. Arm yourself with these 8 important considerations before hiring and make sure you get a designer and product you LOVE!

1) Look at past work quality/portfolio

Does a designer have a small portfolio? Or worse, no portfolio at all? This may be the case with a student or a designer just starting out, but it is the first thing to consider before hiring someone to complete your project. When searching for a designer, look for a portfolio that meets or exceeds your expectations and gets you excited about your project! Also, look in their portfolio for projects that are similar to the one you need done.

2) Get an estimate

If you are working within a budget, getting billed for unexpected design costs and charges upon completion of a project can be a HUGE problem. No one likes surprises – Red8 Creative Offers FREE estimates to customers within 24 hours of your online submitted request to ensure your budget expectations are met right from the start. Budgets also help us provide you the best value and recommendation so you get the most for your money.

3) Enthusiastic about your business or project

Does the designer seem apathetic or uninterested in your design project or business? Once you get an estimate that suits your budget, chat with your designer about the upcoming project. Email is great, but a good old fashioned face-to-face conversation or phone call may be what you need to confirm your decision to hire.

4) Get a design agreement to set expectations for both parties

Does a designer skip the signed agreement? Not good. You should always be presented with a agreement upfront. This way, both parties are extremely clear about the scope of the project, what work is to be expected/completed, and who has ownership rights, etc.

5) Interview with client about design aesthetics (design brief/survey/questionnaire)

Your best chance at getting a product you are happy with starts with a well thought-out design brief that helps the designer or design team “see” your vision. If we don’t take the time to learn what is important and relevant to you about your design, we aren’t going to do a great job getting you the product you want. We want your project to be perfect!

6) Provides a reasonable estimated turnaround time

Are you on a deadline? Most business need things done in a timely and efficient manner – if not yesterday. Make sure your designer provides a reasonable turnaround time that fits your timeline as well. Depending on the number of revisions needed and the scope of your project, this may vary. The most important thing is to set those expectations upfront. This way, the designer has plenty time to complete an excellent product and you get what you want when you need it.

7) Can communicate with clients in multiple ways and respond quickly

Red8 Creative understands how valuable our clients’ time is and that their schedules vary widely. We routinely communicate with clients in a number of ways including phone, email, cloud storage and even video conferencing (Skype, Google Hangout or FaceTime)! Whatever our clients prefer and is easiest for them – we also respond quickly. There is nothing more frustrating that a slew of unanswered emails – UGH! Who has time for that?!

8) Can explain the creative process if asked

How does your designer begin a project? What should you expect from the first initial design samples? If you haven’t heard anything, go ahead and ask. A well organized and successful designer will be able to walk you through each step.

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